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Bio clean

Our Disinfection & Sterilization services are designed to ensure a clean and healthy environment for you. With the utilization of cutting-edge fogging machinery and approved disinfectants that are safe for both humans and pets, we guarantee a highly efficient disinfection process that is 99.9% effective and approved by the authorities in the UAE.

In just 2 hours, your premises will be transformed into a safe and healthy space for occupation. Moreover, our services are not only effective but also affordable, offering a cost-effective solution that is significantly less expensive than dealing with the consequences of a recall or outbreak.

Our comprehensive service includes


Our Bio clean Services extend to regular inspections aimed at detecting and preventing bacteria or pathogens infestations. We understand the significance of maintaining a pest-free environment to safeguard the health and comfort of your employees and visitors. Through routine assessments, our team identifies potential pest issues, implements preventative measures, and takes swift action when necessary to mitigate any pest-related risks. Our proactive approach not only ensures a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere but also contributes to the long-term preservation of your facility's integrity and reputation.

Preventive Measures

As part of our comprehensive Facilities Management Services, we take proactive steps to deter pests from entering your facility in the first place. Our approach includes a range of preventive measures such as sealing entry points, implementing proper waste management practices, and providing guidance on maintaining a pest-resistant environment. By taking these preventive actions, we create a robust defence against potential pest infestations, reducing the need for reactive pest control measures. Our commitment to preventing pest issues not only ensures a more comfortable and hygienic setting but also contributes to long-term cost savings and the uninterrupted operation of your facility

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