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Smart Sanitizing Gate, Affordable, Outsourced Disinfection Solutions for Your Business


Task we, at Al Bahyia, are passionate to accomplish. With our superior commercial cleaning
services, your company will never need to look for another cleaning service provider again!

We, at Al Bahiya, provide with cleaning for all types of commercial establishments. We are committed to providing your business with the best cleaning and customer service. Whenever your establishment needs cleaning, Al Bahiya has the perfect service solutions for you.

General Cleaning

Al Bahiya is a top provider in the field of general cleaning services. Your company can hire us with full confidence that we will meet all your cleaning needs professionally, affordable, and efficiently.
Our services also cover providing manpower to corporates, focusing on the supplying of porter, messenger, and related personnel.

Cleaning services
we provide with:
  • Curtains and walls
  • Carpets vacuuming & shampooing
  • Internal offices
  • Restrooms, lunchrooms and kitchenette
And yet more to offer:
  • Floors polishing
  • Waste management
  • Tanks cleaning
  • Internal & external glass


Our general disinfection services are targeted against germs (Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa). The disinfection process is applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing minimal downtime at your facility. Our preferred products have low toxicity ratings without harmful chemical residuals and proven to be safe for humans and pets. Affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of a recall or outbreak.

Be it your homes, cars, jeeps, trucks or any other automobile and official buildings or religious places such as mosques, we use the most efficient fogging machinery and disinfect the aforementioned places in just a matter of few hours. The places become ready for healthy occupation in a time frame of 2 hours. We vouch for 99.9% efficacy of our approved method by authorities in UAE.

Pest Control

For us, it is always about helping to protect your business. Our expertise and experience us to undertake all types of indoors and outdoors pest control.
Our expert personnel is trained to maximize effectiveness with highest standards of human safety. And dealing with all types of insects, rodent, and plants pests.

Advance Formula

We are keen to use only the latest formulation from world-renowned manufacturers. That is recommended by WHO and approved by the UAE Ministry of Health and registered by Abu Dhabi Public Health Section.

Top Line Products

We use a top-of-line range of pneumatic sprayers, gel applicators, ULV fogger, motorized thermal foggers, and traps.

Commercial Services

We provide commercial pest control for: hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, food production facilities, warehouses, gyms, offices, car parks, town homes, many other businesses, hospitals

Duct Cleaning

Our new scope of service includes; Commercial, Military Bases, Industrial & Warehouses, Health Facilities, Residential Unites, Hotels, Restaurants & Café, Governmental, Schools & Universities.

Ventilation devices especially air conditioners, play important role in filtering and circulating quality air and providing conducive environment inside dwellings, offices and other cabins as in cars, ships, aero planes This study discovered that air conditioners ranked highest above other ventilation devices, in harboring various kinds of microbes, which they may introduce and circulate periodically in indoor micro environment in some apartments, affecting the occupants health wise. Such appliances are therefore not 100 % efficient in their present state as means of achieving future air quality.

Packing, cleaning, and shipping

Our newest service, shipping!

We pack everything, and ship it anywhere you want to!

A lot of companies are specialized in moving, some in packing, others in fixing, etc… However, Al Bahiya specializes in all of the above, and more!

Step 1:

We pack everything.

Step 2:

We clean the entire facility/house/studio/apartment/etc…

Step 3:

We ship everything packed in step 1 to anywhere inside the UAE and out.

Step 4:

Provide maintenance for everything.

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